Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Evaluation of Semester 2

A. Multiple Choice
1. A        11. C      21. B
2. E        12. B      22. D
3. A        13. A      23. C
4. A        14. C      24. A
5. A        15. A       25.
6.            16. D       26.
7. A        17.           27.
8.            18. B        28. A
9. A        19.           29. B
10.           20. B      30.

B. Essay
Answer the following questions correctly:
1. Explain how to change a desktop background.
2. What is the use of a screen saver?
3. Name and explain briefly the device that can enhance the picture quality.
4. What is the advantage of managing file?
5. How to cancel deletion in the Recycle Bin?
6. Name and explain briefly about the control size buttons.
7. What is the Print Preview icon for?
8. What icon is use

answer :

1. Monitor setting can be done by double-clicking Personalization icon inside the Control Panel. Other pictures can be use as a backgroud, such as photos or sceneries. Choose Desktop Background to set the picture.
2. Screen saver is to protext the screen from electron that jumps in high speed because of the magnetic and electric field effect inside the monitor tube.
5. These are the steps to cancel deleting a file or folder.
a. Choose the Recycle Bin icon on the Folder panel.
b. Choose the file or folder to cancel the deletion.
c. Next, from the menu abobe choose Restore this item or by right clicking the file, choose Restore.

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